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We are always on the look out for new sites to use for our events. If you know of a piece of land that is available for use or you have any contact names/telephone numbers to land owners please contact the competition secretary

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Land Rover

Welcome to the Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners Club

This site promotes the Hants and Berks Land Rover Owners Club and provides information on events past and present. Since 1984 HBLRO has offered events for Land Rover enthusiasts in the Hampshire and Berkshire areas. The Club runs a variety of competition and open events ranging from trials through to driving days and green laning. If you are interested in joining a club that is friendly and sociable, that doesn't take life too seriously and whose main aim is to have fun in the pursuit of all things Land Rover, why not come and see us.

Forthcoming events
WS5 - RTV Mannington Interclub with DLRC 14th Feb  
TYRO1 Hogmoor (near Bordon Hants) 21st Feb  
Awards Night Crown Hotel Alton 27th Feb  
WS6 - RTV / Pay & Play Slab Common (near Bordon Hants) 20th Mar
WS7 - RTV / TYRO2 Spring Rally Broxhead Common 30th Apr - 2nd May  

For more details please see our calendar page

January 2016:
Brick Kiln RTV - Winter Series Number 4

This month the club returned to Brick Kiln the first event there since March 2012. 13 competitors on the day, scores posted on the Event Results page. The January event marks the start of a new Safari League.

December 2015:
2016 Calender

Your Competition Secretary has been busy booking sites for next year. If you would like to put yourself forward to CoC at one of the events then contact Ashley Bartlett. The 2016 calender can be found here

December 2015:
Scores Round Up

Full results for Aldermaston RTV & Tyro 01/11, Slab Common RTV 22/11 and Aldermaston RTV 06/12 can be found here: RTV & Tyro results

November 2015:
Membership Fees

At the November committee meeting it was agreed to reduce the fee for full membership to 24 per year with immediate effect. The fees for associate, junior and social members have not been changed.

Membership Form 2015

November 2015:
Committee 2015 / 16

The Club would like to thank the outgoing committee for their sterling efforts and commitment in maintaining a full year's event calendar.

Chairman - Russel Smith
Competition Secretary - Ashley Bartlett
Treasurer - Mark Ambler
Social & Camping secretary - Joe Stacey

Chairman: Russell Smith
Secretary: Niall Banyard
Treasurer: Mark Ambler
Competition secretary: Ashley Bartlett
Membership Secretary: Kevin Wood
Newsletter editor & ALRC liaison representative: Steve Kirby
Rights of way & Green lanes secretary: Julian Mallard
Social & Camping secretary: Joe Stacey
Health & Safety officer: Niall Banyard
BAMA liaison officer: Neil Tomlinson
Web editor: Ian Parker
Club shop: Hugh Davies
Child protection officer: Anne Wood
Scrutineers: Mark Ambler, Andy Bunyan and Chris Homewood

The Club magazine will no longer be published in hard copy. News and updates will be sent via email. Periodical updates produced by the magazine editor will be available on the web site.

RTV trialling fees will increase to £20.00

The club rejected the new RTV consultation document. Official response to be presented to the ALRC.


August 2015:
Summer Rally

Markhana This year’s Summer Rally at Hook End Farm began with a clay pigeon shoot. Alan was keen to share the benefit of his extensive experience, though despite this everyone managed to bag a few clays and even the odd rabbit. Later that afternoon, after a considerable amount of effort from Mark Ambler and Matt Hewitt assisted by Ian Parker, Mark Funnell and Paul Thomas on the build team, was the ‘Markhana’. The event included tasks such as balancing a Land Rover on a see-saw, driving blind folded with directions from the navigator and negotiating a slalom course in a reverse steer Discovery and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the competitors.

Sunday brought the RTV competition; eight sections set out by Matt Hewitt and Mark Ambler. Thankfully the rain held off and the day provided challenging sections creating a wide variety of scores; first in class going to Richard Kershaw, Russell Smith and Jack Dewdney. Jack came away with the ‘Boys Own’ trophy as winner overall and Hilary James took the ‘Girls Own as the only female driver on her first RTV. The evening saw the ‘Green Laners’ returning from their drive to join in the club BBQ whilst the weather continued to be kind.

Event number 4 in the Tyro series was run on the Bank Holiday Monday with seven drivers; five unlicensed and two licensed competitors, driving round six sections set out by Niall Banyard, Matt Hewitt, Mark Funnell and Ian Parker. Morgan Banyard came away with a win in the unlicensed category and Sarah Bearcroft taking the licensed award. I think all agreed it was a great weekend and many thanks go to all those who set out and marshalled over the weekend.

Special thanks goes out to Matt Hewiitt who braved a weeks bad weather to set out a majority of the events.

Full results for the event can be found here: RTV & Tyro results

14 June 2015:
Hogmoor RTV SS3 & Driving Day

Hogmoor Sadly our last visit to the Hogmoor site, but we went out in style with an 8 section RTV courtesy of Ashley Bartlett, Hannah McMillan and Hugh Davies. Scores were low across the day, but the sections were by no means easy with decent navigations skills and good waterproofing needed to tackle the wetter sections. Joe Stacey put in an excellent drive in his Discovery the wooded sections were particularly tight and to see a class 5 win overall was a surprise. Jack Dewdney continued his run of form to finish on 3 points and missing overall only by number of clears across the 8 sections.

Thanks goes out to the team of Arne Jonsson, Elton Jonsson, Neil Tomlinson, John Bicknell and Vicky Tomlinson for running and marsalling the drive around.

Full results for the event can be found here: RTV results

24 May 2015:
National Rally 2015 Winners

National 2015 The Club would like to thank the Midland Land Rover Club for an excellent weekends competition at the Nationals. Held at the spiritual home of Land Rover, Eastnor Castle Ledbury, Herefordshire HBLRO competed in TYRO, RTV, CCV and Comp Safari with 27 line ups across the 3 days. The club did well in standard class scooping perpetual awards for combined results across disciplines. The most notable achievement was to win the RTV overall across all classes. Alan Braclik drove out of his skin to finish on only 8 points across 12 sections against a field of 138 vehicles.

The TYRO ran the same day as CCV. Max Childs took 2nd in Licensed driver with Hilary James taking 3rd.

The Staffs & Shrops LRC need to be congratulated for setting out and running an excellent Comp Safari. As we have come to expect from S&S the event was run smoothly and efficiently with a good mix of fast straight and technical sections. Mark Ambler put his 90 to its paces returning consistent times over the 7 runs taking the fastest spot for a standard class vehicle.

Niall Banyard made his first appearance in Comp completing the day, but not after a slight incident that found Niall on his side as he opted for a quicker more technical route. Team HBLRO rallied around to solve a loss of oil pressure and sure enough he was back and running the Jack and Neville Dewdney sharing navigation duties. Even though he did not win there's 20 waiting from Andy Bunyan and Dave Scoffield after he finished the day.

Fresh from his win in RTV Alan was back behind the wheel for Comp. Alan lost a tyre and ran into mechanical issues, but still managed to completed his 7 runs. Ashley Bartlett had an eventful weekend. Flying the flag for leaf special class Ashley's chassis split during CCV. Not defeated team bumble patched up the motor ready for comp. With the repair in mind Ashley nursed his vehicle home to take a class 6 win.

A special mention has to go to Russell Smith who stepped up on several occasions fixing fellow club members vehicles. His team spirit helped us to achieve the best possible result seeing the team complete their chosen disciplines without early retirement.

Mark Ambler
1st in Class 4 CCV Land Rover Owners Club the Rickards Trophy - Lowest total score in CCV
1st in Class 4
Comp Safari Yorkshire Cup - Lowest total time in Comp Safari
Off-Roader Sports Shield - Best result in CCV, RTV and Comp

Alan Braclik
RTV Overall winner 1st in Class 4 RTV
North Wales Land Rover Club Diesel Trophy - Highest placed diesel in standard class NWLRC
Taliesin Trophy - Highest placed standard vehicle in RTV Pirelli Scorpion Cup - Lowest score overall in RTV across all classes including specials

Ashley Bartlett
1st in Class 7 RTV 1st in Class 6 Comp Safari

Full results for the events can be found here: National 2015 results


03 May 2015:
Dave Cuthbert Memorial at Mannington

Mannington HBLRO made the trip South for this years Spring Rally. Over 3 days the club ran a night trial, RTV and Tyro at Mannington.
Mark Ambler won the RTV taking home the Dave Cuthbert Memorial Trophy run at this event each year. Thanks to everyone that helped out and those that made it down for 3 days of competition. Hopefully see you at the Nationals. Full results for the events can be found here: RTV results


19 Apr 2015:
Aldermaston RTV and Tyro

Aldermaston Summer Series kicked off with a very low scoring round at Aldermaston.
Full results of the event can be found here: RTV results






28 Feb 2015:
HBLRO Annual Awards: Alton House Hotel

1st Place
2nd Place
.Winter Series:
Dave Lindsay
Hugh Duffett
.Summer Series:
Steve Aston
Ashley Bartlett
.Pilot Trophy:
Garry White
Joe Stacey
.Performance Cup:
Dave Lindsay
Hugh Duffett
.TYRO Trophy:
Alex Butcher
Shaun Osborn
.Dave Cuthbert Memorial:
Andy Bunyan
.Boys Own Trophy:
Joe Stacey
.Safari Engineering Cup:
Andy Bunyan
.Wally of the year:
Dave Lindsay
.Boobs bust:
Pete Kendall
.Officials award:
1st: Steve Aston
2nd:Ian Joyce
3rd: Ian Parker

Trophy's not awarded:
Chippy Challenge
Member of the Year

Brooklyn Engineering Ladies RTV Challenge

08 Feb 2015:
Mannington Interclub RTV. Hosted by Dorset LRC

Tim Whishaw The Club would like to thank Dorset LRC for an excellent trial at Mannington. 31 drivers took part in this 12 section RTV that will now become an annual event in both Clubs calendars.
A mix of DLRC, SWLRC and HBLRO drivers battled it out for a chance to win the Standard Class Trophy. Scores at the top of the leader board were tight, but this year Tim Whishaw won for HBLRO on a total of 17 points for the day with Jack Dewdney only one point behind. RTV results



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