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Ian Parker
Steve Aston
Mike Fitzgerald
Dean Lawrence

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Land wanted

We are always on the look out for new sites to use for our events. If you know of a piece of land that is available for use or you have any contact names/telephone numbers to land owners please contact the competition secretary

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Land Rover

Welcome to the Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners Club

This site promotes the Hants and Berks Land Rover Owners Club and provides information on events past and present. For the last 29 years HBLRO has offered events for Land Rover enthusiasts in the Hampshire and Berkshire areas. The Club runs a variety of competition and open events ranging from trials through to driving days and green laning. If you are interested in joining a club that is friendly and sociable, that doesn't take life too seriously and whose main aim is to have fun in the pursuit of all things Land Rover, why not come and see us.

Forthcoming events
.Green laning
4th May
Ctc Julian Mallard
4th May
5th May
.Pay & Play day
16th November
Slab Common

For more details please see our calendar page

Sunday 13th April - 8 section RTV and Pay & Play Day at Hogmoor (Bordon, Hampshire)

This event is brought to you in association with Terrafirma - Serious 4x4 Accessories

Big thanks to:-
Saturday set up crew
Sunday sign on staff and marshalls
All the members that took part in the RTV
All the guys & girls that came along and took part in the play day
Spoilt4choice for great burgers and coffee
And of course Terrafirma for showing off their wears, for helping marshal and for putting up the vouchers and goody bags

Congratulations to the following pay & play day drivers for winning the Terrafirma voucher & goody bags
Adam Gillam for winning the £100 voucher
Ross Gill for winning the £75 voucher
Steve Grant for winning the goody bag

Congratulations to Dave Lindsay (RTV event) and Ian Joyce (Marshal) for also winning Terrafirma goody bags
Aldermaston RTVAldermaston RTV




02 April 2014:
De-Regulation Bill

Some of you may have heard about The Deregulation Bill and how it might affect rights of way (Green Lanes).

The Bill (which is currently being discussed in the house of lords) is about simplifying processes and will enable Government to make changes to legislation. Part of the bill has a section in it regarding 'rights of way' that various anti 4x4 movements are trying to use to turn all BOATs and UCRs into Restricted Byways!

All very dull you may be thinking... well you need to wake up as if some of the decisions go the wrong way (for us) you can kiss goodbye to all your nice little weekend green laning trips as the countryside will be effectively closed to all motorised vehicles.

Currently our corner is being fought by various organisations including:
GLASS (Green Lane Association) www.glass-uk.org
LARA (Land Access & Recreation Association) www.laragb.org
TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) www.trf.org.uk
MSA (Motorsports Association) www.msauk.org

However they need our help:-
- As a club we support GLASS through our membership fee with them
- As a club we are implementing an increase in the donation fee we ask for when you accompany us on our green laning days to £5 this will be passed to GLASS to aid the fight

As individuals we ask that you go to this web site www.theyworkforyou.com and enter your post code to find you local MP. Once at your MP's page you have a 'send message' button, click the button and outline what using the green lanes means to you.As you are messaging your local MP you will be asked for your contact details also...

If we each do a little, we all do a lot

23 Mar 2014:
Aldermaston RTV & TYRO

Aldermaston RTV

Some thank you's:-
- to the members who turned up on Saturday to set out the RTV & TYRO
- to Joe Stacey and his crew for running the RTV today
- to Kevin & Anne Wood for running the TYRO today
- to all the members that attended both events
Another great days trialling
Well done to Garry White & Andy Bunyan for being the winning team at the RTV

Full TYRO and RTV results Pictures

21 Mar 2014:
Green laning dates released

We have now published just about all this years green laning dates (April TBC) if you need any more information or want to book your spot please contact Julian Mallard.

01 Mar 2014:
HBLRO Annual Awards: Crown Hotel, Alton

Thanks to all our members who attended the event, to our host Elton Jonsson and Dave Scoffield and Mel for a super quizz. The committee trust that you enjoyed the evening as much as we did. Our newly crowned champions are:

1st Place
2nd Place
.Winter Series:
Kevin Wood
Garry White
.Summer Series:
Hugh Duffett
Alan Braclik
.Pilot Trophy:
Steve Aston
Garry White
.Performance Cup:
Alan Braclik
Kevin Wood
.TYRO Trophy:
Alex Butcher
Morgan Banyard
.Dave Cuthbert Memorial:
Mark Furnell
.Boys Own Trophy:
Steve Aston
.Safari Engineering Cup:
Steve Aston
.Chippy Challenge.
Hugh Davies, Fiona, Sarah Bearcrot and Andy Butcher
.Member of the year:
Matt Hewitt
.Wally of the year:
Steve Aston
.Boobs bust:
Mark Ambler
.Officials award:
1st: Ian Joyce
2nd:Steve Aston
3rd: Ian Parker
MSA MSA Inter Regional TYRO winning team:
Julian Cheesman, Shaun Osborn, Morgan Banyard

Trophys not awarded:
Red Leader
Brooklyn Engineering Ladies RTV Challenge

Photos from the night

16 Feb 2014
Aldermaston RTV

Aldermaston RTV
Thanks to all those members who made this event happen at such short notice. Also a big thanks to 4x4withoutaclub for letting us use the site again at such short notice. We all hope that you enjoyed the day. Thanks for coming and a big thanks to our Saturday set up crew. Results


26 Jan 2014:
2014 Season gets started with our RTV at Mannington

Finally the 2014 season has got under way. Big thanks to Dave Lindsay and his team for setting up and running the event. Also big thanks to all those who turned out to start the 2014 battle off... Event results

23 Nov 13:

There were a number of changes at this Annual General Meeting with members standing aside after many years of service in their posts. Sarah Duffett has stood down as treasurer after 10 years of unbroken service, Steve Aston stepped aside for Elton Jonsson to take the Chairman's position and Mark Ambler left his role as Competition Secretary.
Summary Changes:
Chairman - Elton Jonsson
Secretary - Niall Banyard
Treasurer - Cary Osborn
Competition Secretary - Steve Aston
Competition Secretary (Challenge) - Voted to retire role
Camping and Social Secretary - Dave Scoffield

In Steve Astons closing address he paid a warm tribute to the efforts of the retiring committee highlighting the work that goes on behind the scenes to maintain the Club and its activities and wished the new management team every success as they steer the Club into 2014.

17 Nov 13:
Aldermaston RTV

Thanks to the Saturday set up crew and a really big thanks to Matt Hewitt and his team for running the event today. Also a big thanks to all of the members that came along today and put on a really good show. Results to follow

27 Oct 2013:
RTV & Pay/Play day - Hogmoor

A huge thanks to the Saturday set up crew and to all the members who assisted today either running the pay & play day or the RTV. We all played together and made the day happen

14 Oct 2013:
The Mendip Challenge

Big thanks to Jane Ward and her team at the Somerset & Wilts LRC for a great weekend at West Harptree for the Mendip Challenge.
Saturday brought us a glorious day with plenty of sunshine (!) and great results with Joe Stacey bagging 2nd place in class 5 and Ashley Bartlett taking 1st place in class 2 & 7 combined at the RTV

Sunday saw a change in the weather however Ashley Bartlett was at the sharp end again with a brilliant 2nd place in class 1 & 7 combined in the CCV.

08 Sep 13:
HBLRO Junior team win the 2013 MSA Inter-Regional team TYRO

Winchester RTVSuperb drives from Shaun Osborn, Morgan Banyard and Julian Cheesman resulted in them winning the event overall today in Sandy Bedfordshire.

Well done to you all for staying focused over all 9 sections and all having solid drives with moments of brilliance.

26 Aug 2013:
HBLRO 30th Birthday Rally

Chippy challenge 2013
HBLRO 30th Birthday Rally
3 Words:- Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

Thanks to all the members that made this weekends event so brilliant.
Special thanks to:-
Matt Hewitt (and the Hook End team) - for setting up a brilliant RTV and producing the best hog roast ever.
Ian Parker - for signing on and marshalling all three events
Nicholas Woodage and his team for setting up and running the superb Chippy Challenge
Chris Davies (& Ruari) for putting on a truly mind blowing music set on Sunday night
Mark Ambler for letting us use his land

A big well done to Dave (Kiwi) & Amanda Lindsey for winning the 'cake-off', another big well done Niall Banyard for not breaking my Disco whilst double driving in the RTV

See the weekends Pictures and Results

Winchester RTV

21st July 2013:
Winchester RTV

Its a clean sweep for Mark Furnell at the Winchester RTV. Results now posted along with the winners pictures


24th June 2013:
Newham Annual Charity RTV Event 2013
(Devon & Cornwall Land Rover Club)

Thanks to Kevin Wood for pulling the teams together and coordinating this weekends excursion. Whilst we may not have had the success afforded us last year our members still put in sterling drives with team HBLRO1 (class 4) finishing 5th in class and 13th overall and team HBLRO2 (mixed class) finishing 20th overall.

Individual scores can be found on the 2013 Calendar page

A big thanks to all at Cornwall & Devon LRC for putting on another great event


Mark Ambler Class 5 CCV winner28th May 2013:
Nationals Roundup

The Club returned from the Wye & Welsh National at Usk Castle South Wales with a couple of awards. Not the massive trophy haul of last year, but a good showing from Hugh Duffett winning Class 3 Comp Safari Class and Mark Ambler taking a class win in CCV meant that HBLRO did not go home empty handed. The event was well attended with top class competition in CCV and our clubs core discipline, RTV. The competition was so fierce that a score of only 4 points from Alan Braclik in the 12 section RTV saw him come in 6th in class 4!

A big thank you to the Wye & Welsh and supporting clubs for running such a well organised rally. The team delivered an excellent weekends competition. This was definitely a drivers event with sections devised to get the best out of the land and not inhibit the driving with tight gates. It’s not easy running an event of this size but everyone I spoke to was happy and helpful from the moment we arrived to the final wave at the gate when we hit the road home.

6th May 2013:
Spring Rally

Finally some sun !... we had a great time and hope you did to.
Thanks the the guys that set up the TYRO and RTV on Saturday, to Hugh Duffett and his team for running a great event on Sunday, Paul and Zoe for cooking up the burgers Sunday evening Steve and the team for running the TYRO on the Monday.

Well done to Mark Furnell for winning the Dave Cuthbert Memorial trophy on Saturday and to Max Childs for winning TYRO on Monday.

Special big thanks to those members who stayed behind to help take the marquee down and tidy up...

The results have been posted and a small selection of pictures. More to be added soon.








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